Is the Re-Growth of bone (without sutures and scapel) in your future?

Certainly, we at PHD cannot and do not, promise that any treatment performed here (or at a referred specialty practice) will deliver the ultimate and most desired outcome of the re-growth of bone around periontally involved teeth.  However, using a state-of-the-art, FDA approved protocol (based on a landmark, double-blind study) employing the PerioLase Laser we aim to deliver the highest quality of periodontal treatment that we can.

The Study referred to above was performed by one of the World's Most Respected Specialist/ Researcher in Gum (Periodontal) Disease ... Dr. Ray Yukna, DDS, MS.  And the end-point of this study showed that, indeed, bone was grown in PerioLase Laser treated group.

The PerioLase is NOT your average Dental Laser -- only 2 offices in St. Louis have made the technological investment in this PerioLase Laser and in the rigorous training required for treatment certification.  Many dental offices have a laser to treat gum disease and this laser is called a "Diode" laser.  The Diode Laser treats by using heat (hot-glass effect), and aggressively removes anything in its path -- healthy or not. 

The PerioLase, on the other hand, uses a selective means of bacterial removal (the laser parameters/wavelength) guide the light energy toward darker pigmented areas (which are the bacteria and diseased gum tissue) leaving less-pigmented (healthier) areas alone.

Note also that the DIODE has not undergone the same level of double-blind, peer reviewed testing (with FDA approval) as has the PerioLase Laser with the LANAP technique.



LANAP ... Laser Assisted New-Attachment Procedure

A complimentary consultation can be scheduled at PHD to explain how the laser works, show you an in depth video of the procedure and give you a demonstration.


The treatment, in a nutshell and essentially, involves placing a tiny laser fiber (about the thickness of three hairs) between the tooth and gum, and the infection is cleared away. The actual treatment procedure is fast when compared to conventional suture/scapel surgery -- It takes a couple of two hour sessions, or even can be done in one session if desired. 


For a definitive diagnosis of the degree of your gum infection and whether the LANAP procedure is right for you ... call PHD now.  We're here to keep you Smiling!







*Standard Disclaimer and Patient Information Regarding Treatment of Periodontal Disease with or without Oral Sedation and Dentistry performed under General Anesthesia (commonly referred to as Sleep Dentistry)

It is a requirement (set forth by the Missouri Dental Board) that a licensed dentist be further licensed (Division of Professional Registration, State of Missouri) to perform oral sedation (aka Enteral Conscious Sedation) in the state of Missouri. Dr. Schlotz and Team have taken the Mandatory Training and Education for this licensure which includes over 20 hrs of training and education in the area of Oral Sedation and Medical Emergency Management.

Dr. Schlotz and Team have also taken a 2nd Non-Mandatory course (of 25 hrs) in Oral Sedation and Emergency Medical Management.

Upon this licensure in the field of Oral Sedation, an "Enteral Conscious Sedation Permit" is thereby issued to licensee. Dr. William J. Schlotz has received certification and has been issued License #2009005253.


*Standard Disclaimer and Patient Information per: Missouri State Board Regulations re: Periodontal Specialty and Treatment by all General Dentists in the State of Missouri

Dr Wiliam J. Schlotz and Associates are General Dentists practicing general dentistry in the St. Louis, MO area. Periodontal Disease is an ADA-specialty area. Dr William J. Schlotz and Associates have completed advanced training in the diagnosis and professional treatment of periodontal (gum) disease. Dr. William J. Schlotz and Associates are not Periodontists (specialists).


PLAZA HEALTH Dentistry has received an ENTERAL CONSCIOUS SEDATION SITE CERTIFICATE issued by the Missouri Dental Board (certificate/license #2009004858).

*Disclaimer concerning Periodontal Treatment ... either Conventional or with the PerioLase Laser*

The claim of bone-regrowth is made only in the context of potential. No one, no matter how skilled or experienced or how well trained in the field of Periodontal Treatment can guarantee a result in the area of Periodontal Disease treatment.

A Gum Specialist (Periodontist) has spent 3-4 extra years after dental school to be trained in the conventional treatments of gum disease. These include gum surgery (with scalpel and suture) and root planning and scaling (below gum cleaning) under local anesthesia. We at PHD ALWAYS recommend a visit to their office for a consultation, diagnosis and treatment recommendation. This is part of a true INFORMED CONSENT PROCESS ... which we believe highly in here at PHD.

We also believe in the treatment that only the PERIOLASE laser can provide. That is why this is our most highly recommended in-office treatment for gum disease. Dr. Schlotz and Associate Dentists at PHD are GENERAL Dentists…practicing General Dentistry.


Dr. Schlotz and Von Rump are not providers of Deep Sedation Dentistry (wherein the treating dentist is also responsible for the deep sedation - commonly referred to as "sleep dentistry").

General Dentistry at PLAZA HEALTH Dentistry is performed under General Anesthesia ONLY in concert with Premier Dental Anesthesiology (Board Certified MDs) as the attending caregivers and physicians of the general anesthesia.

PLAZA HEALTH Dentistry has been issued, by the Missouri Dental Board, a DEEP SEDATION/GENERAL ANESTHESIA SITE CERTIFICATE (#2008025661).


*Dr. William J. Schlotz and Associate Dentists of Plaza Health Dentistry practice highest quality general dentistry in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Non-ADA defined "Specialty" areas of expertise, emphasis, focus and experience include Cosmetic Dentistry, Sedation Dentistry and Implant Dentistry.