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Affordable Dental Implants  in St Louis, MO @ PLAZA HEALTH Dentistry ...

Enjoy Life Again !


Implant - Surgical (placement) 
- Fees quoted are for Conventional Dental Implants  - FDA approved for long term use (see below).
[ PHD fee ]  => $1,250 per implant (placement) 
- Conventional Implants are FDA approved for LONG TERM usage
- Assurance of Treatment = 10+ Years

MINI-Implant Surgical Placement ...
[ PHD fee ] => $575 per implant (min of 4)
- usually used for denture stabilization
- less costly than conventional implants
- higher fee for <4 or individuals (inquire at exam)


Implant - Restoration {Single Tooth} 
Conventional Implant Treatment (includes all implant phases/parts)
- [PHD fee] => $1,750 (Assurance = 10+ yrs) 
- [cost in St Louis, MO * ] => $1,800-2,500 (Assurance - Uncertain)
- Conventional Implants are FDA approved for LONG TERM usage.

Implant - Restoration { Multiple Teeth FIXED Bridge } 
includes all implant phases/parts (2 implant supported)
[ PHD fee ] => $1,750 per Abutment; $1,250 per "false" tooth 
[ cost
in St Louis, MO * ] 
=> $1,800-2,000 per Abutment; $1,500-$1750 per "false" tooth

Implant - Complete Treatment "Removable" & "Fixed-Removable" (Hybrid) 
- using 
Conventional Implants (includes all implant phases/parts)
- Surgical Implant Placement
... [ PHD fee ]  => $1,250 per implant (Assurance = 10+ yrs)
... [ Cost in St Louis, MO * ] 
=> $1,500 - 2,000 per implant (Assurance - Uncertain)
- Restorative Treatment
=> Highly Variable
- these restorative solutions are too numerous (and too individual) to list here
depends on the # of implants and the type of treatment selected 
- PHD and Dr. Schlotz proud to offer many treatment options to meet your $ needs
- Rest assured however, PHD is cost sensitive in all areas of Implant Dentistry
- Please read further for details (Assurance and quality specs)

Implant Treatment Options Explained with "Plenty of Pictures"

Actual Treatment @ PHD (inc an implant placement) => See our DENTAL VIDEO!

Implant Treatment Read the Fine Print

*Usual and Customary Fees for Dental Implant Placement in St. Louis, MO from Blair, McGill and Associates

*Standard Disclaimer and Patient Information per: Missouri State Board Regulations as pertaining to Teeth Whitening, Cosmetic, Sedation & Implant Dentistry...

All are non-specialty interest areas that require no specific educational training to advertise. Drs. Schlotz and Von Rump are GENERAL DENTISTS and are engaged in the practice of GENERAL DENTISTRY in the State Of Missouri. Thus, they are NOT licensed in the specialties of prosthodontics, orthodontics, periodontics or oral-maxillofacial surgery.

TMJ and Implant Treatment are non-specialty areas not recognized by the ADA and require no specific educational training to advertise.

*Standard Disclaimer and Patient Information Regarding Oral Sedation and Dentistry performed under General Anesthesia (commonly referred to as Sleep Dentistry)

Conscious Sedation is taught as part of post graduate residency programs approved by the ADA. Dr. Wm Schlotz and Von Rump have not completed such an ADA approved residency program.

It is a requirement (set forth by the Missouri Dental Board) that a licensed dentist be further licensed (Division of Professional Registration, State of Missouri) to perform oral sedation (aka Enteral Conscious Sedation) in the state of Missouri. Dr. Schlotz and Team have taken the Mandatory Training and Education for this licensure which includes over 20 hrs of training and education in the area of Oral Sedation and Medical Emergency Management. Dr. Schlotz and Team have also taken a 2nd Non-Mandatory course (of 25 hrs) in Oral Sedation and Emergency Medical Management.

Upon this licensure in the field of Oral Sedation, an "Enteral Conscious Sedation Permit" is thereby issued to licensee. Dr. William J. Schlotz has received certification and has been issued License #2009005253.


PLAZA HEALTH Dentistry has received an ENTERAL CONSCIOUS SEDATION SITE CERTIFICATE issued by the Missouri Dental Board (certificate/license #2009004858).

Dr. Schlotz and Von Rump are not providers of Deep Sedation Dentistry (wherein the treating dentist is also responsible for the deep sedation - commonly referred to as "sleep dentistry").

General Dentistry at PLAZA HEALTH Dentistry is performed under General Anesthesia ONLY in concert with Premier Dental Anesthesiology (Board Certified MDs) as the attending caregivers and physicians of the general anesthesia.

PLAZA HEALTH Dentistry has been issued, by the Missouri Dental Board, a DEEP SEDATION/GENERAL ANESTHESIA SITE CERTIFICATE (#2008025661).