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William J. Schlotz, DDS
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Welcome to PLAZA HEALTH Dentistry & experience "Tomorrow's Dentistry ...Today".  At PHD Prevention of Dental Illness is our Primary Goal.  However, if treatment is called for then an Ultra-Conservative, Minimally-Invasive approach is respected. 

At PHD ... Crowns are a last resort treatment, not a first, as is still sadly the norm in dental offices -- even in 2015.    Hi-Tech, yet, Conservative techniques employing Lasers & Computer-Assisted (3D Guided) have been PHD's standard of care for years.  

In short, Dr. Schlotz and Team PHD care more about saving tooth structure and gum tissue during the restoration of oral health than the aggressive, fast-cutting, Speed Dentistry techniques in vogue today.

Plaza Health Dentistry in St. Louis, MO

Visit our State-of-the-Art Dental Office and you will experience all that modern dentistry has to offer.  We have transformed a former Pier-One Building into one of the area's most high-tech & up-to-date dental offices. At PHD we offer scientifically advanced, laser-based minimally-invasive oral health care in a pristine and esthetic setting. 

Imagine stepping into the future & in a gorgeous reception area replete with LCD TV's and flat "screen" aquariums, interesting oil paintings with a large fan hanging from a 25 foot ceiling -- All surrounded by glass block and angular walls.

Before long, you're escorted down a winding hallway lined by functional, yet ... "Out-of-the-Box" styled vessel sinks; with curved modern track-lighting & pyramidally-shaped awnings above.  Once in one of our spacious treatment rooms you'll feel the confidence and security uniquely a part of the PHD experience.  During the course of evaluation and treatment planning you'll undergo a Patient Education experience that is second to none. For treatment option discussions ... PHD takes the time to use visual aids (video, digital X-Rays, intra-oral photographs) and hand-held models to help make your decision a simple one.

Bottom Line ... Team PHD believes that Treatment Options are YOUR Choice; Not Ours.





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Once at PHD, you'll see how we are a small dental office designed to provide personalized care in a relaxed, fun-loving environment.  As treatment begins, you'll quickly see how all of Team PHD ensures that your comfort is our first concern.  Whether it be the "Dental Button", stereo headphones, Cable TV or a DVD movie, something as simple as a pillow and a "snuggie blanket", or as important as *Relaxation Dentistry* (*Sedation Dentistry* with a small pill), any anxiety seems to just drift away.  Just as essential, after treatment, you'll notice, and appreciate, PLAZA HEALTH Dentistry's sincere commitment to Reasonable Fees

With singular attention and pampering paid to our valued patients, we are on a Mission to provide Ultra-Conservative Cosmetic-Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry with an unusual respect for a *Relaxed Level of Comfort* and Affordability.  Our experienced caregivers use humor & great personalities to offer services delivered with extraordinary attention-to-detail and an enduring commitment to World Class Ultimate-Quality of Care.



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At PLAZA HEALTH Dentistry -- No Lectures.... Only First-Rate Care for Your Dental Needs. 

We don't pass judgment at PHD, we just try to be as caring and compassionate as we can be.  We give it our all to make sure your dental experience is the the best possible one.  We treat our patients as we would our own family.   We'd love for you to join our Practice!  Hope to see you here soon... Here's to Your Optimal Oral Health! 


Dr. William J. Schlotz, a leading St. Louis Cosmetic & Implant Dentist ... who is a Provider of general dental care for the entire family, is very creative with treatment planning, thus empowering patients to select the level and type of care which make sense for them. 

We  believe the more you learn.... the more informed your treatment decisions will be.  This is called informed consent and we firmly believe in the process.  First of all, we feel it is most ethically correct.  And secondly, we see everyday how it can eliminate the unnecessary costs that are typically associated with making a wrong treatment choice. 

To this end, Dr. Schlotz is the creator and author of a Patient Education Dental Column (in local St. Louis Newspapers) designed to empower patients through a better understanding of their oral health and the treatment options that exist in today's ever changing, exciting world of dentistry.  This website is another resource we hope you’ll find both useful and interesting.

Please browse through our website and be sure to Contact Us if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment. You may also use our Online Appointment Request Form to schedule your appointment.


Plaza Health Dentistry
William Schlotz, DDS
9420 Watson Road
St. Louis, MO 63126
Phone: (314) 843-0500



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*Standard Disclaimer and Patient Information per: Missouri State Board Regulations as pertaining to Teeth Whitening, Cosmetic, Sedation & Implant Dentistry*

All are non-specialty interest areas that require no specific educational training to advertise. Drs. Schlotz and Von Rump are GENERAL DENTISTS and are engaged in the practice of GENERAL DENTISTRY in the State Of Missouri.  Thus, they are NOT licensed in the specialties of prosthodontics, orthodontics, periodontics or oral-maxillofacial surgery.

TMJ Treatment is a non-specialty area not recognized by the ADA and requires no specific educational training to advertise.  



*Standard Disclaimer and Patient Information Regarding Oral Sedation and Dentistry performed under General Anesthesia (commonly referred to as Sleep Dentistry)*

Conscious Sedation is taught as part of post graduate residency programs approved by the ADA.  Dr. Wm Schlotz and Von Rump have not completed such an ADA approved residency program.


It is a requirement (set forth by the Missouri Dental Board) that a licensed dentist be further licensed (Division of Professional Registration, State of Missouri) to perform oral sedation (aka Enteral Conscious Sedation) in the state of Missouri.  Dr. Schlotz and Team have taken the Mandatory Training and Education for this licensure which includes over 20 hrs of training and education in the area of Oral Sedation and Medical Emergency Management.  Dr. Schlotz and Team have also taken a 2nd Non-Mandatory course (of 25 hrs) in Oral Sedation and Emergency Medical Management.

Upon this licensure in the field of Oral Sedation, an "Enteral Conscious Sedation Permit" is thereby issued to licensee.  Dr. William J. Schlotz has received certification and has been issued License #2009005253.


PLAZA HEALTH Dentistry has received an ENTERAL CONSCIOUS SEDATION SITE CERTIFICATE issued by the Missouri Dental Board (certificate/license #2009004858).

Dr. Schlotz and Von Rump are not providers of Deep Sedation Dentistry (wherein the treating dentist is also responsible for the deep sedation - commonly referred to as "sleep dentistry").

General Dentistry at PLAZA HEALTH Dentistry is performed under General Anesthesia ONLY in concert with Premier Dental Anesthesiology (Board Certified MDs) as the attending caregivers and physicians of the general anesthesia. 

PLAZA HEALTH Dentistry has been issued, by the Missouri Dental Board, a DEEP SEDATION/GENERAL ANESTHESIA SITE CERTIFICATE (#2008025661).